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Flexible Booking Policy

At ONUOX, we prioritise a seamless experience. Our booking policy accommodates changes within established guidelines, ensuring your plans can adapt smoothly and responsibly.

At ONUOX, we are dedicated to ensuring flexibility and understanding when unexpected events occur. Should any unforeseen situations arise, we are prepared to assist with rescheduling your booking or processing a refund. Each case will be addressed individually, considering the unique circumstances and associated costs.

Guests can transfer their booking to another traveler without any fees, up to 7 days before departure. Whether you need assistance finding new crew members or want to invite new friends, we're here to help make the transition seamless.

Guests who have booked a Yacht can swap there dates without any fees up until 90 days before the trip, subject to availability. Beyond this period, we'll do our best to resell or reschedule your booking without incurring additional fees, depending on the availability of new dates. Guests are free to choose a new date throughout the season. Please be aware that if the new date or yacht has a different price, the higher trip price will apply. *Subject to availability*

We offer a 7-day cooling-off period after your booking during which you can cancel your reservation with no questions asked and without any fees. After this period, you can still cancel your yacht booking  70 days before your trip. If you need to cancel closer to your departure date, we will make every effort to resell or reschedule your booking without acquiring additional fees, subject to availability. 

If you have any queries do not hesitate to connect with our Concierge. For full T&C's Click here