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Founded in the heart of England, yet inspired by a profound love for Croatia, Onuox began as a small venture fueled by a big passion. 

Our founders, two lifelong sailors, embarked on a mission to democratise the sailing experience, making it accessible and sought-after for everyone.

They remain at the helm today, steering the course of our company and ensuring that their zeal for sailing is woven into every aspect of our business.

At Onuox, we believe that the adventure and freedom of sailing should not be reserved only for enthusiasts but should become the norm for all who seek an unforgettable holiday

By removing the complexities and exclusivity that often surrounds the sailing community, we make sailing an easy and appealing choice for your next vacation.



Steve. C - Ym. BSc. AFMCP.

Driven by a passion to share the love of sailing, Steve; AKA Captain Champion (yes his real name) co-founded ONUOX with a mission to democratize the sailing experience and make it accessible to everyone. His vision is to break down the barriers that deter people from this unique experience, ensuring that the joy of sailing is open not only to seasoned mariners but also to our adventurous holiday-goers.


Aaron F - Ym. DC. MBA

With a successful background in entrepreneurship, Arron co-founded ONUOX, driven by a deep-seated passion similar to his co-founder. His business acumen and dedication are focused on fulfilling the shared mission: making sailing an accessible and enriching experience for all.

Lead Skipper

Marko. G - Ym

Marko serves as the lead skipper at ONUOX, where he oversees the team of skippers, coordinates sailing routes, and ensures the highest standards of health and safety at sea. With his expert navigation skills and dedication to safety, Marko plays a pivotal role in providing a secure and enjoyable sailing experience for all our guests.

Guest Service Manager

Hillary. S - Ym. STCW

As ONUOX's Chef Steward and Customer Service Manager, Hillary is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service. She oversees training and sets the standards for our hosts and other crew members, ensuring every guest enjoys an impeccable and memorable experience on board.

Creative Manager

Borislav. I

As the Creative Manager at ONUOX, Borislav brings our brand to life, crafting compelling visuals and narratives that showcase and inspire our community. His innovative approach ensures that our brand not only communicates but also connects deeply with our audience.

Marketing Manger

Pippa. S - BA (Hons)

Pipper, our Marketing Manager and lifelong sailing enthusiast, grew up sailing the seas with her parents. At ONUOX, she uses her deep-rooted passion for sailing to communicate our story and attract new members to our community, effectively broadening our reach and enhancing our brand’s appeal.