Croatia·October 19 - 26 2024

Essence@Sea | The Nature Sail-cation

7 Nights, All Inclusive, Luxury Sailing Catamaran   | Deep dive into the Adriatic, adrift in a sea of sensory experiences



Embark on an extraordinary adventure where island-hopping, leads to hidden cultural gems, architectural wonders, and an immersive exploration of nature's wonders. This curated experience invites you to delve deep into the essence of each locale, whether indulging in waterside cuisine, immersing in local communities, or connecting with Mother Nature. Join our like-minded traveler's, dedicated to disconnecting, reconnecting and discovering themselves. Creating lasting memories amidst the beauty of nature and awe inspiring seascapes. A holistic journey, offering a perfect blend of relaxation, exploration, and a profound connection with the natural world.


A Lavish Nautical Retreat

A Lavish Nautical Retreat

Prepare for indulgence, in a luxurious sailing yacht. Where you can take in breathtaking panoramas, lavish accommodations, and zero hidden fees—all for a hassle-free escape.

Navigate Archipelagos

Navigate Archipelagos

Immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes and unique ecosystems of these islands, where every corner holds a new marvel waiting to be explored. Wander through secluded coves, anchor in picturesque bays, and indulge in the tranquility of nature.

Taste the Adriatic.

Taste the Adriatic.

Savor the finest waterside cuisine. Explore hidden food gems at various islands, relishing the diverse regional flavors. Enjoy beachside barbecues at sunset for unforgettable moments. Our food, locally grown, reared, and caught, guarantees the highest quality and an authentic taste of the islands

Immerse In Nature

Immerse In Nature

Embark on a captivating journey exploring nature and architecture amid breathtaking landscapes and seascapes. This adventure promises a harmonious blend of discovery, set against breathtaking backdrops.

Self-care With A View

Self-care With A View

Discover inner peace against mesmerising island and seascape backdrops, as you experience a spa spots or yoga, meditation, and pure relaxation.

Connect On A Deeper Level.

Connect On A Deeper Level.

Explore a new way to connect with nature, the world, and each other. Immerse yourself in exclusive local island traditions for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime adventure that forges friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.


Throughout the duration of your trip, you will be accompanied and assisted by your dedicated Host and Captain.

Captain Champion

Captain Champion

Captain Champion, true to his name, fulfills your every wish, managing the vessel with expertise and ensuring safe navigation. His mastery extends beyond the seas; he's a local area expert, guiding you through the enchanted seascapes. With an eye for detail and a commitment to safety, he crafts an experience of luxury and comfort.

Host Hilaraí Nic Seáin

Host Hilaraí Nic Seáin

Hilaraí, your gracious host, orchestrates an unforgettable vacation. From onboard dining to expert island guidance, they ensure VIP treatment. Acting as your personal concierge, they guarantee a seamless journey. Moreover, Hilaraí aids the captain in boat management and docking, ensuring smooth sailing.


Veering away from tourist traps and delving into Croatia's off-the-beaten-path wonders. Discover diverse cultures, traverse breathtaking seascapes, and navigate captivating archipelagos. This voyage emphasises the beauty of the open water, with ample time spent anchored in hidden coves and bays, beneath starlit skies. Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature, age old traditions and captivating cultures.




Zadar (Departure Marina)

Zadar, a captivating city on the Adriatic coast, is known for its rich heritage and unique attractions. Among them is the famous Sea Organ, an innovative installation that transforms the ocean's waves into enchanting melodies. Stroll along the waterfront promenade, Riva, and be mesmerised by the harmonious symphony created by the Sea Organ. This extraordinary blend of nature and art offers a serene and meditative experience, making Zadar a must-visit destination for those seeking a truly unique and immersive encounter with the sea.


Losinj Island

Lošinj Island, nestled in the Adriatic, is a wellness haven known for its pristine air quality, attributed to fragrant pine forests. The island offers a unique blend of relaxation and culture, boasting spas, yoga retreats, and historical charm. Whether seeking therapeutic landscapes or cultural exploration, Lošinj provides rejuvenating experiences in its refreshing atmosphere.


Preko (Ugljan Island)

Nestled on the island of Ugljan, the lively village of Preko invites you to an unforgettable experience. Explore its rich cultural heritage through historic landmarks and traditional stone houses, while immersing yourself in the vibrant local atmosphere. Wander through charming streets adorned with colorful bougainvillea and discover hidden gems along the way. With its picturesque coastal beauty and stunning beaches, Preko offers a paradise for nature lovers, where you can indulge in swimming, sunbathing, and beachside wellness practices.


Murter Island

Murter is a picturesque island known for its stunning nature and charming coastal villages. Explore the island's heritage by visiting the historic sites of the Church of St. Michael and the Murter Museum. Take in the island's breathtaking natural beauty by hiking along the scenic trails of Slanica Beach or visiting the enchanting Kornati National Park nearby. Engage in wellness practices by participating in meditation or mindfulness sessions amidst the serene landscapes.


Kornati Islands (National Park)

The Kornati Islands, an archipelago (group of islands) of awe-inspiring beauty, beckon adventurers to embrace their rugged landscapes and crystalline waters. Uncover hidden coves and secluded beaches, finding solace in untouched corners of paradise. Indulge in mindfulness, snorkeling in pristine waters or taking tranquil swims in turquoise bays. As the sun sets, well anchor in a secluded cove, where you can create unforgettable memories with friends, partying like no one's watching under a canopy of stars. 


Dugi Otok Island

Dugi Otok, meaning "Long Island" in Croatian, is a pristine gem of the Adriatic Sea. This captivating island boasts untouched natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. Explore picturesque villages, hidden bays, and stunning cliffs that plunge into crystal-clear waters. From Saharun Beach's white sands to Telascica Nature Park's rugged cliffs, Dugi Otok offers diverse landscapes to discover. Immerse yourself in the island's cultural heritage by visiting traditional fishing villages and exploring ancient ruins.


Luxury Catamaran

Luxury Catamaran

Private double cabin on a Brand New Bali 45ft Catamaran, suitable for solo sailers, two friends or a couple. *** Please note this price is for a single space in a double cabin. Buy two spaces for cabin for one person ***


Add Ons






You'll Be Staying Here

Catamaran Living Arrangments

Catamaran Living Arrangments

Step aboard a Catamaran, offering four double cabins and four bathrooms, that cater to solo sailors (two spaces required), friends, or couples seeking an unforgettable voyage. Experience the epitome of comfort and stability. These spacious and luxurious vessels provide ample room to relax and unwind. Enjoy panoramic views from the expansive deck, indulge in the privacy of well-appointed cabins, and embrace the sensation of gliding gracefully over the water. The catamarans offer a smooth and gentle sailing experience, perfect for those seeking ultimate relaxation and serenity.

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  • 7 Days Yacht Charter (accommodation) 
  • Professional Skipper
  • Professional Yacht Host  
  • Onboard food and drinks 
"All inclusive" Packages 
  • If your package is "all inclusive" based on the "booking price" and "provisioning fee", there will be no additional costs. 

For all packages that are not "all-inclusive"

  • Fuel; From €27 PP - €56.25 PP for a Monohull & €44.81 PP- €93.75 PP for a Catamaran (This depend on how much you sail and motor. Per person price is based on 8 sharing)
  • Mooring; It is different in every Marina and dependant on boat and size. Its fee when anchored in remote locations.  As a general rule;  expect to pay up to €93 PP in a monohull and €137 PP in a Catamaran. 
  • Flights; You will need to arrange your own flights and transfers.  
  • Food: the cost of food and drink is your own responsibility.  This can be from €100-500/pp
  • Pay in full or with a payment plan. 
  • Payment plans; 30% deposit and and the rest over "up to" 10 payments. The last payment much not fall within the last month before you depart. 
  • Yes, there is a refundable damage deposit to ensure all guests look after and respect the boats. This is between €2000-€2500 for Monohulls  and €3000-€3500 for Catamarans. This is split between the whole crew and paid by credit or debit card before we depart the Marina. 
  •  Guest can pay a non-refundable damage waver, this is normally €600+ but this needs to be agreed amongst the whole crew. 

Yes, we have a large range of boats available to us including luxury power yachts. This is available upon request and will have to be booked as a "whole boat" and not on a "per cabin" basis. 

Essence@Sea | The Nature Sail-cation

Croatia· October 19 - 26 2024· 7 nights